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SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone with 720P HD Camera, Quadcopter for Beginners

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Viki Hexacopters are happy to stock the famous SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone with 720P HD Camera, Voice Control, Gesture Control RC Quadcopter for Beginners with Altitude Hold, Gravity Sensor, RTF One Key Take Off/Landing, Compatible w/VR Headset.

With so many on offer recently, it is good to have a brand you can trust. The SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone with 720P HD Camera, Voice Control, Gesture Control RC Quadcopter for Beginners with Altitude Hold, Gravity Sensor, RTF One Key Take Off/Landing, Compatible w/VR Headset is certainly that and will be a great purchase.

For this price, the SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone with 720P HD Camera, Voice Control, Gesture Control RC Quadcopter for Beginners with Altitude Hold, Gravity Sensor, RTF One Key Take Off/Landing, Compatible w/VR Headset comes widely respected and is a popular choice amongst lots of people. SNAPTAIN have provided some excellent touches and this means great value.

Product Features

USER-FRIENDLY? SNAPTAIN S5C drone is user-friendly. Simply press one button, it will take off, land or return to your command. Smart voice control, headless mode, and the fascinating 360° Flips & Rolls come handy even for the drone newbies. ?FARTHER & CLEARER? The SNAPTAIN S5C provides video transmission within a range of up to 80m. Edit and upload instantly your videos on Social Media by iPhone or a 720p video transmission signal up to a scale of 80m, allowing you to fly farther. Edit HD footage and directly upload it to social media from your iPhone or iPad. The video clips are automatically saved to the Micro SD card. ?POWERFUL & SAFE? Protective Propeller Guards to ensure a safe flight. High quality ABS material to free your worries of a sudden shock or drop. Best choice with enough fun for beginners. ?STEADY & TRACKABLE? Altitude-Hold function ensures a steady hover in the air at a certain altitude. Great aerial pictures and videos are feasible thanks to this function. Trajectory Flight function is the newest technology that by drawing a flight course on the touch screen on your smartphone, the drone will fly accordingly. Pure fun awaits. ?GRAVITY CONTROL? A built-in G-sensor is designed to allow controlling the drone by adjusting the vertical and horizontal position of your smartphone via the Snaptain Era App downloadable on iOS and Android App market.

Product Information

Smart Reviews Review Of The Snaptrac S5C

The SNAPTAIN drone was the first DJI unmanned aerial vehicle to be released for commercial use. It came out a few years ago and quickly became one of the more popular drone models on the market. This review is based on the model I am reviewing, but many people with different experience levels have reported a different experience with their models.

snaptain s5c

The S5C was at the top of its game when it first came out, it was an attractive, slick looking piece of kit with impressive graphics that included a camera and display, which were excellent for beginners. Most of the features had been available on other DJI products for a long time. Some of the early parts on the S5C have been recalled, so keep this in mind.

The S5C has three modes: Flight, Auto Pilot and Speed Mode. There are three flight modes to choose from: Landing, Indoor and Outdoor; and that is all you get. There is no need to have a very specific picture of what you are wanting to do. All three modes have plenty of features and options.

The great thing about the S5C is that you do not need to be an expert to fly it, it is very easy to fly the drone, if you follow the simple instructions provided by DJI. You can find out more information on how to fly the S5C in the table below.

I was quite impressed with the S5C drones maps; they looked clear and accurate. The maps were very easy to read and there were only a small number of airports and roads so you could still get in a little practice with the S5C without having to really fly it too much.

The autopilot is easy to operate and I found it to be very responsive enough to keep flying with little intervention from me. I found it to be extremely stable; I felt confident enough to hand fly the S5C without any input. I do recommend reading the manual and getting some knowledge before attempting to fly it solo.

As mentioned earlier the S5C comes with a 2.4Ghz transmitter and you have an excellent range of about twenty-five kilometers from the transmitter itself. It has very good range and with a bit of practice it should be fine in most conditions.

The transmitter was built into the controller, this is probably the best location. With the transmitter attached to the controller you do not need to worry about any extra clutter on the DJI drone itself, which is a relief. Many of the reviews I have read say the controller adds weight to the drone and does add more drag to it so you need to watch your balance.

The first flight modes are Selfie. Both of these modes are controlled by the onboard processor and there is no need to worry about hand holding the device. If you prefer to use the controller then you can but be sure to set the power and transmitter to self-mode because that is what you want.

Once the Selfie mode is activated the camera automatically focuses on the controller and the view live feed is sent to the control panel or computer. The last thing you want is to lose your camera because the drone just could not stay in the picture and stayed in autopilot mode.

Once the Selfie flight mode is finished the camera is safely returned to the controller. You are now able to start moving the controls manually. When the camera gets within three meters of the ground, the controller will automatically start flying automatically.

The above video will show you how easy it is to control the drone, even with the controller in hand. It is very intuitive and shows the main advantage of the S5C over other DJI products.